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The Metropolitan Cowboy is a professional photographer specializing in capturing intimate moments and telling intimate stories with his keen eye and endless imagination.  The Metropolitan Cowboy believes that ALL people have a level of sex appeal that radiates from inside of them regardless of age and size.  The Metropolitan Cowboy is not afraid to put his imagination to work to capture and showcase all of your many facets and does all types of images from G to XXX, making your fantasy a reality with nothing being off limits. 


The Metropolitan Cowboy is an Award-Winning filmmaker who has done many projects.  The Metropolitan Cowboy is a creative powerhouse that can come up with ideas that are unique and fun and bring them to life.  Here are just a few examples of some of the work conceived from the mind of the man known as The Metropolitan Cowboy. 

Doritos Commercial -- The Artist

Doritos Commercial -- 

Stranger Danger

Doritos Commercial -- The Monster

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